Zack Snyder Will Make Army Of The Dead 2 As Part Of New Netflix Deal

Snyder's Stone Quarry Productions has signed a two-year first-look deal with the streaming giant.


Zack Snyder's production company has signed a first-look deal with Netflix. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Snyder will develop new movies for the streaming giant, including a sequel to his zombie hit Army of the Dead.

The two-year deal with The Stone Quarry Productions, which is run by Snyder and producing partners Deborah Snyder and Wesley Coller, means Netflix will have first refusal on any new projects brought to it. Rebel Moon, the sci-fi movie announced earlier this month, will be part of this arrangement, as will the Army of the Dead sequel.

In a statement to THR, Snyder said, "My goal and hope are to bring as much quality content as I can and do it on a giant scale. Big projects and big movies."

It's very early days for the Army of the Dead sequel--the only thing we know so far is that Snyder is developing the script with Shay Hatton, who co-wrote the first film. Rebel Moon, which is also written by Snyder and Hatton, is expected to start production in early 2022. The movie is reportedly based on a pitch for a Star Wars film that Snyder made to Lucasfilm in 2012, shortly before the company was bought by Disney. The director has stated that it is influenced by both Star Wars and the films of Akira Kurosawa.

While the Army of the Dead sequel is some way off, there's a prequel movie set for release later this year. Army of Thieves is directed by and starring Matthias Schweighöfer, and will tell the origin story of his Army of the Dead character, the safe-cracker Ludwig Dieter. There's also an animated show titled Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas in the works, with a voicecast that includes Christian Slater, Vanessa Hudgens, Joe Manganiello, Tig Notaro, and Dave Bautista.

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