Zack Snyder Reveals Bizarre Batman V Superman Title He Wanted

The director wanted the movie to have a "more poetic" title.


If director Zack Snyder had gotten his way, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice would have had a completely different, more "poetic" title. Speaking at Justice Con over the weekend, Snyder recalled the back-and-forth he had with Warner Bros. over the title.

He said the studio was only interested in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Snyder pitched the title "Son of Sun and Knight of Night," but it was apparently rejected.

"I remember when there was a back-and-forth that I had with the studio, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was like the only title that [Warner Bros. liked]," Snyder said, according to "The whole 'v' instead of 'versus,' it was like this crazy negotiation. I was like, 'Guys, can't we just do something like Son of Sun and Knight of Night, or something that' a little bit more poetic?' And they were like, 'Absolutely not' [Laughs]. I was like, 'Is it a court case?'"

Writer Chris Terrio added that it was discussed that they might call the movie "Justice League: [Subtitle]" to give viewers the idea that the movie told the story of the start of the Justice League. "Like Justice League: Foundations, or Justice League: Rising," he said.

Warner Bros. ended up using the title Justice League for the 2017 film that was recently re-released in a lengthy Snyder Cut on HBO Max.

In other Batman news, it was recently confirmed that Michael Keaton is coming back to play Batman in the upcoming The Flash movie. Ben Affleck will also play Batman in the movie as part of some kind of interdimensional storyline.

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