Yun and Yang punch into SSFIV Arcade

TGS 2010: Twin brothers finally officially confirmed as inclusions in arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV.


TOKYO--Super Street Fighter IV will soon hit arcades in Japan, with producer Yoshinori Ono long hinting that even more new characters would be introduced into the game's already beefy roster. That fact was all but confirmed in recent weeks, with keen-eyed Japanese gamers spotting SSFIV test units in certain locations in Japan, complete with two faces not seen in the home version of the fighting game.

The Lee brothers are coming to the arcade.
The Lee brothers are coming to the arcade.

At the Togueki Super Battle Opera finals today (a large fighting game tournament held concurrently with the Tokyo Game Show), Ono finally confirmed what most had already surmised--that twin brothers Yun and Yang will indeed be included in the arcade roster. Ono made the announcement on the first day of Togueki and, as a surprise, even unveiled several arcade cabinets for attendees at the fighting finals to try out.

Yun and Yang first made their appearances in the Street Fighter III series and are brothers from Hong Kong. In the first version of Street Fighter III, Yun and Yang were essentially the same characters, but by 2nd Impact both had evolved into being unique fighters.

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