Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament E3 2004 Preshow First Look

Atari unveils a new PS2 game based on the Japanese cartoon Yu Yu Hakusho.


Atari has revealed a new arcade-style fighting game for the PS2 called Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament. The game is based on the popular Japanese "anime" cartoon of the same name, and its story will follow the "Dark Tournament" featured in the original cartoon.

The game itself will feature one-on-one fighting in multiple modes; each character will have his or her own set of signature fighting attacks, as well as exceptionally powerful "spirit attacks." In addition to the story mode, Dark Tournament will also have an arcade mode and a survival mode that will let you play through a series of progressively tougher opponents. The game will also have a teamplay mode that will let you choose up to five characters to join you. Winning battles will let you earn special cards that can be used in a completely separate, strategic card game mode.

The game will feature 25 major characters from the original cartoon series fighting it out in eight different environments. Like Atari's previous Dragonball Z game for consoles, Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament will use cel-shaded graphics to give its characters a cartoon-like appearance. The game is scheduled for release later this year.

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