YouTube Gaming Launches Tomorrow

Like YouTube, but built entirely for gamers.

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Google is preparing to launch YouTube Gaming, a service focusing exclusively on gaming content. YouTube Gaming contains over 25,000 dedicated game pages, supports videos as well as live streams, and will be available tomorrow, August 26, on the web and as an app.

Users can add specific games to a collection to stay up-to-date with the latest content or subscribe to a particular channel or user to receive notifications when a live-stream starts. A beta of the live streaming tools can be accessed on site.

YouTube Gaming automatically pulls gaming-related content so that user searches can be more relevant. For example, typing 'call' into the search bar will show 'Call of Duty' as opposed to 'Call Me Maybe.'

YouTube Gaming was first announced in June this year. The announcement was accompanied by statistics which showed that video games were featured highly on the list of most popular content on YouTube and in Google searches.

Last year, the Google-owned YouTube reportedly attempted to buy video game livestreaming service Twitch, but the deal ultimately fell through due to antitrust concerns. After that, online retailer Amazon stepped in to buy the platform for nearly $1 billion.

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