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Your Xbox One Needs 50 GB Free to Install Every Rare Replay Game

To install every game from the collection on an Xbox hard drive, you'll need quite a bit of space free.


Rare Replay, a collection of 30 games from developer Rare, will require 50 GB of hard drive space to install every game.

According to the collection's listing on the Xbox website, the game requires a minimum of 11.26 GB free on your Xbox One's hard drive. However, the Xbox 360 games in the collection are not on the Rare Replay disc. Instead, they'll be added to your download queue and you'll have to install 38 GB more to your hard drive.

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Included on the disk, then, are games that predate the Xbox 360 like Battletoads and Conker's Bad Fur Day. You'll have to download Rare's 360 games like Viva Pinata and Perfect Dark Zero.

Rare Replay launches on August 4 for Xbox One. It'll have 10,000 achievement points, although if you've already unlocked achievements in some of the Xbox 360 games, those points will carry over to Rare Replay. The developer is also fixing bugs such as the infamous Battletoads two-player glitch.

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