Your Own Private Springfield

Fox teams up with Pepsi to give away a replica of the Simpson's Springfield abode.


To celebrate the ninth season of The Simpsons, Fox is doing something unprecedented. In conjunction with Fox Interactive, the Pepsi-Cola Company, and Kaufman and Broad Home Company, Fox is giving away a 2,200-square-foot replica of the Simpson house.

Located just outside of Las Vegas in Henderson, Nevada, the house was designed by Kaufman and Broad using the blueprints and specifications used to create Fox Interactive's Virtual Springfield PC title. The home will reside in a housing development called Springfield, named after the show's hometown. The details are all there, right down to Marge's corn-print kitchen curtains.

Consumers who buy specially marked packages of Pepsi's Mug Root Beer, Lipton Brisk Natural Lemon Flavor Iced Tea, Mandarin Orange Slice, Lemon Lime Slice, and Josta will receive a game piece for the contest. There are two ways to win - by matching numbers from your game piece to the winning numbers displayed during the season premiere of The Simpsons in September, or by sending your game piece in for a random drawing. Through the random drawing, consumers will be eligible to win a year's supply of Orange Slice, a Bart Simpson skateboard, or copies of Fox Interactive's Virtual Springfield.

In addition, specially marked Pepsi product packages will have US$5 rebates for both purchases of Virtual Springfield and The Simpsons' Cartoon Studio.

Dave Burwick, Vice President, Flavors Marketing, Pepsi-Cola commented that the promotion is in tune with the show's brand of humor and Pepsi's left-of-center drink products. "As Homer Simpson himself might say, 'If you really want something in this life, you have to enter a sweepstakes.'"

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