Your name could be in MGS2

Konami is giving interested parties the opportunity to have their names appear in the upcoming PlayStation 2 game. Find out how.


Konami has announced a unique contest for its upcoming PlayStation 2 title Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. As part of the so-called "your name in Metal Gear Solid contest," Konami will give interested parties the opportunity to have their name appear in the game. The company is collecting personal data, such as name, sex, blood type, date of birth, and nationality, through its Web site. The development team will then sift through the entries and assign the names it selects to enemy soldiers in the upcoming PS2 game. The names will appear on dog tags worn by the soldiers. Konami hasn't decided exactly how the dog tags will be collected and viewed during gameplay.

All interested parties are encouraged to participate, as the personalized dog tags will be featured in all versions of the game. The applications are available here.

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