Your Butt Will Thank You: "High-Performance Furniture For Gamers" Is Coming

Everyone loves to sit down.


IKEA isn't the only major furniture company getting involved in gaming. Logitech has announced a partnership with furniture giant Herman Miller to create "high-performance furniture for gamers."

You might not know Herman Miller by name, but your're likely familiar with one of its marquee products, the Aeron chair. They are in offices everywhere, in fact you might just be sitting in one right now.

Very few details are available on the new Herman Miller gaming furniture. A blog post announcing the partnership states, "It's finally time: ergonomic excellence in gaming."

"We've spent more than 100 years perfecting the science of sitting. Now we're bringing years of innovation, research and scientific discoveries to the world of gaming," the page states.

It continues: "Our design legacy, combined with their innovation in gaming technology, bringing you the world's most advanced gaming chair. The game is about to change."

Herman Miller makes all kinds of furniture, including chairs, desks, tables, and storage solutions. And gaming won't be the first industry that Herman Miller is designing for, as it also makes clinical furniture for hospitals.

Gaming furniture is a growing business, apparently, as PlayStation has also announced a line of branded furniture. And as mentioned, IKEA has spoken at a high level about gaming chairs that use a 3D-model of your butt to make the most comfortable seat.

No further details on the new gaming chairs were provided, but you can bet we'll be following this story as closely as we can in the time ahead. Our butts depend on it.

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