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You'll Want an Overwatch Anime After Watching This Outstanding Fan-Made Video

Overwatch fan's video nails the anime vibe.


Overwatch's story is almost entirely confined to elements outside the game--things like comics and short films. An anime series is not one of those things, but goodness, after watching a new video, it ought to be.

Below you'll find an anime-style opening video Overwatch created by YouTube channel inkling inkling. It combines in-game footage with clips from the aforementioned shorts that Blizzard has released, and does a wonderful job of making this feel like an actual TV show. Check it out.

The video was published recently and has since been followed by another one meant to serve as an ending credits video. It's largely comprised of footage from the Hanzo/Genji short.

Blizzard plans to make more short films beyond the four it's already released, including one featuring Roadhog, and a graphic novel called Overwatch: First Strike is on the way later this year. We don't know what other plans it has to further expand the Overwatch world, though the game itself is certainly off to a strong start.

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