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You'll Soon Be Able To Wear Official Mario Overalls Just Like The Plumber Himself

Nintendo partners with Levi's for a whole line of Mario-themed clothing, including overalls, pants, jackets, and more.


Apparel company Levi's has announced more details on its partnership with Nintendo. As expected, the partnership takes the form of branded t-shirts and pants, and yes, blue overalls that would make Mario proud are part of the line.

The overalls have a special gold coin design near the back pocket and other special motifs. Also included in the line is a standard white Levi's t-shirt featuring a jumping Mario. There is also a special denim jacket featuring Mario characters like Bowser and Boo on patches. On top of all of this, there are other shorts, pants, and jackets featuring characters from the mushroom kingdom.

There is no word yet on when the Levi's Nintendo clothing line will go on sale or how much the items will cost. Nintendo is just the latest massive entertainment brand that Levi's partners with. The company previously made officially licensed Star Wars and Disney clothing.

Nintendo's partnership with Levi's is just the latest licensing deal that Nintendo has made with gigantic brands. Just recently, Nintendo and Lego teamed up for new Lego sets.

Nintendo pushing further into licensing deals is not unexpected. In 2016, then-Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima explained that, as a result of changes in the gaming landscape, fewer and fewer young people are finding out about Nintendo games through ... games.Instead, they're discovering Nintendo and its characters through things like officially licensed Mario toothbrushes. Kimishima said at the time that you can expect these kinds of licensing deals to continue and possibly increase, and this includes the new Levi's and Lego partnerships.

Nintendo also recently agreed to a licensing deal with Universal for a Super Mario movie, while Nintendo is also working with Universal Parks on a Super Mario Land attraction in Japan and Orlando.

As Nintendo thinks about itself more broadly as an entertainment company, these kinds of licensing arrangements will be important to Nintendo's growth.

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