You'll Soon Be Able To Visit Super Nintendo World In Minecraft

An intrepid Minecraft builder is putting together a recreation of Super Nintendo World for those of us who can't go there right now.


Universal Studios Japan's Super Nintendo World was originally scheduled to open on February 4 before being delayed indefinitely due to COVID, and hardcore Nintendo fans still hope to check out its take on Peach's Castle in the flesh someday. However, let's face it: this in-progress Minecraft recreation of it is as close as most of us are going to get over the next few months.

Planet Minecraft's Dippy22 has been working on a one-to-one build of the park since late December, and the project is around 45% complete. This isn't the first time that Dippy22 has worked on a project like this: the Minecrafter previously created a hypothetical version of the park based on leaked models and concept art earlier in 2020. They also worked on a 1:1 recreation of Earth, which is a major undertaking to say the least.

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We previously saw Shigeru Miyamoto himself walk around Super Nintendo World back in late 2020, complete with a warp pipe and the Super Mario 64 castle music, which certainly inspires nostalgia in gamers of a certain age. Super Nintendo Land is scheduled to come to Universal's Singapore, Orlando, and Hollywood parks, each with unique rides, but we don't know when those projects are scheduled to begin.

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