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You'll Either Love or Hate the Latest New 3DS XL Design, Arriving This Week

$200 gets you the new design this week.


Nintendo today announced another new design for the New 3DS XL. It's coming quite soon, and you'll probably have strong feelings about it one way or the other.

The inside of the new system features a solid blue color, while the outside of the bottom half is purple. The rear of the top screen is the main highlight, featuring a starfield design that I suspect will be more contentious than the usual array of solid colors and game-themed illustrations.

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It was announced in the video above by Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime, which was shared on Twitter today. It's officially called the New Galaxy Style New Nintendo 3DS XL, a name which will become particularly fun once stores like GameStop need to designate as being a new or used version.

The system begins shipping today and should be available in-stores this week for $200. An Amazon listing is already live, though it says orders won't ship for 1-2 months, which may just be a mistake. As with other models, this one doesn't include an AC adapter, but if you have a charger from another 3DS, 2DS, or DSi, that will work just fine.

Whatever your thoughts on the design, it does make for a prime opportunity to use Photoshop, as evidenced in this tweet from Twitter user Victor-Hugo Borges:

Nintendo also recently revealed some additional New 3DS XL colors for Europe and announced a new $150 New 3DS bundle.

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