You Probably Shouldn't Watch This New Game Trailer At Work

Apparently, the next step for Mount Your Friends was to go 3D.


Chances are good that you've heard passing mention of Mount Your Friends, even if you didn't play it yourself. It's a bizarre multiplayer game made by developer Stegersaurus Software in which you attempt to climb an increasingly tall tower of muscular men. It's full of not-so-subtle innuendo and crude humor--and the developer has a follow-up in the works.

Mount Your Friends 3D, as the title suggests, takes the basic gameplay from the original and makes a 3D game out of it. It's likely that it'll be even more ridiculous and crude, especially considering its very blunt subtitle, A Hard Man Is Good To Climb. You can see a bit of its absurdity in the trailer below (warning: it's probably not safe to watch at work).

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As the developer describes it, the game is "innuendo-filled multiplayer climbing-based simulated sportslike experience filled with towers of burly men." If early screenshots of it are any indication, Mount Your Friends 3D is going to have a similar sort of physics-based ridiculousness to games like Qwop and Goat Simulator. It's coming to PC, and you can read more about it over at its Steam page.

If you're looking forward to shocking your friends with the game, you don't have long to wait. Mount Your Friends 3D is currently scheduled for release in Q1 2018.

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