You No Longer Have to Be on Windows 10 to Use the Xbox One Wireless Adapter

The seemingly arbitrary restriction is no longer in place.


You can now use an Xbox One controller with your computer wirelessly, even if you haven't yet upgraded to Windows 10.

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Microsoft has officially introduced Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 support for the Xbox Wireless Adapter. This dongle allows an Xbox One controller to be used wirelessly with a PC or tablet. Prior to its release, Xbox One controllers could only be used on PC by plugging them in with a USB cable.

Puzzlingly, the adapter's functionality was limited to Windows 10 users when it first launched in October. There was seemingly no technical reason for this, raising questions of whether Microsoft was limiting support in order to encourage Windows 10 upgrades. The operating system is currently free for Windows 7 and 8 users, though there are those who are nonetheless uninterested in updating.

The Xbox Wireless Adapter is currently available for $25.

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Think I'd rather stick with the 360 pad than purchase something 40% more expensive with 0% extra functionality.

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Good stuff, I just might be getting one now.

Avatar image for PS2fweak

Thank you. People keep telling me to get 10, but I just don't have a reason yet.

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Absolute BS it can't work with the 360 adapter. Obviously could've done it but won't because of $$$

Well I'll be using wired until hackers find away around these price gouging fuckers. I paid $150 for an elite control, let me use it on my pc

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I always used a 360 controller on my PC but I always hated the toy-like D-pad on it. Can't for the life of me play my favorite Street Fighter series decently, since a simple hado-ken can be such a task.

Has anyone used the D-pad on an Xbox One controller with a Fighting game? Is there any quality invested in it? Because if I judge from the 360 one, I'll steer well off this.

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@homeless78: It's a lot better and smoother to press. I use it for Street Fighter on the PC and it's much better than the 360 controller. Executing combos on the One's controller feels better and easier than the 360's. The 360 controller feels cheap compared to the One controller. Hard to believe it became that way when the 360 controller is still far better than most other aftermarket controller out there.

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It's too late for me. I already got my Steam controller. It took a little adapting to, but it's nice.

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That's good news because i'm still very happy with windows 7 and i don't have any interest in updating to windows 10. Maybe i'll do the windows 10 thing before the free upgrade runs out in july 2016 but as of right now i'm sticking with windows 7.

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Has anyone tried this yet? I'm getting an error with the Wireless Adapter on 8.1. The drivers are up to date but it says the device is not configured directly (Code 1). I try troubleshooting but it says the problem isn't fixed. Maybe the adapter is bad?

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And no mac support. le sigh... XP

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@franklucito: Steam controller has Mac support, and is a better controller anyway. Get one of those!

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About goddamn time

Avatar image for hotwog21

i love how they hold back every single thing possible, two years later and they make it look like progression, how much more backpeddling will be done until this console is where it should of been out of the box?

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Looks like I will be getting an Xbox One Controller after all. Maybe two.

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@ov3r_kill_br0ny: Don't wait for the Xbox two controller. It will take too long.

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@lonesamurai1: Um you love them cause they decided to hold back a driver for no reason at all? Other than to call it "progress" months later?

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Smart move microsoft. I was dead set on buying this but when you dropped the "windows 10 only" bomb i thought to myself "yeah this is a deal breaker,no buy from me". Now ill be more than happy to buy your adapter.

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And no one was surprised. Not to mention it worked anyway on 7 and 8.

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The only reason why I'm not updating is because they took away windows media center. Well I've heard in the spring that along with the Xbox one DVR update Windows ten will get it too, nonetheless I'm not updating so long is that feature is not included

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@bickle2: Why the hell do you use that ? Lol

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@ecter1216: because it's a free high quality DVR that works with broadcast and cable.

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umm...i always just plug it in.

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For as long as Microsoft keep insisting on using proprietary tech, I'll pass on their bullshit.

I use a PS4 Controller because it uses BLUETOOTH! I don't have to buy a bullshit adapter to get it to work..

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@Slannmage: You can connect a One controller with a Micro USB cable without needing this wireless adapter. Also, the One controller is superior than the PS4 controller and has FAR more support across most modern day PC games. The adapter is only $25, if you can't afford that, then you need to change your priorities in life instead of gaming.

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@Spartan363: It's actually 45-50 for the adapter in Australia mostly due to the lousy dollar right now lol


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@Slannmage: Bluetooth would mean more input lag

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@Slannmage: LoL you still can't use Bluetooth stuff on the ps4 besides controllers.

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@Slannmage: it's not right through it all, it's Wi-Fi direct, and industry standard interface you're going to be seeing a lot it wireless peripherals. It is far greater been with the versatility than Bluetooth ever as

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Eh, cool, but I'm beyond happy with my 360 pad. I like it more than the Xbone pad anyway.

Avatar image for ughz

@Shin_Gallon: I just don't like the bumpers or the smaller sticks on the xbone. And the bumpers make a terrible noise when used. And the rumble function is extremely overpowered for the most gentle vibrations.

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Will this work with the Elite as well?

Avatar image for MrFreehuggs

@Buck_Swaggler: yes

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I didn't think you had to be in the first place.

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"Seemingly arbitrary"? "Raising questions that..."

Microsoft has used this type of business practice for decades.

Avatar image for turtlesintime

haha Why the sudden change MS?

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I still can't used to slightly moving my fingers up to trigger the bumpers without feeling uncomfortable. It's too much work to actually press them like on the 360 and I'll never use this controller and would much rather get the elite and move the bumpers to the bottom triggers.

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@syntaxkt: The elite controller is awesome but i keep forgetting to try it with the PC. You do get a USB 3.0 cord with it.

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"Puzzlingly, the adapter's functionality was limited to Windows 10"

Uhhh not really puzzling at all. It was another attempt to force users to update their OS with an arbitrary limitation. MS has been militant about forcing users to upgrade from 7/8.1. That annoying application that constantly reminds you to update, downloading the install data without users knowledge in the background, Shoving it in your face in the windows update menu and even auto clicking the upgrade option in windows update hoping you accidentally forget to unclick one time. Heck I believe they even briefly made it impossible to receive updates for windows 7/8.1 but quickly back peddled.

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@devilmikey: LoL so many lies.

Upgraded to Windows 10 on my laptop, have yet to on my desktop and none of this had happened maybe next time don't click buttons apps that allow this.

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@devilmikey: As if a controller not being wireless would force people to upgrade.

Plus there is no single reason unless you have an old PC not to upgrade to Windows 10 as it has better features, better security and runs faster.

You can try it out and if you don't like it or it's not compatible you can easily roll it back to previous operating system. I did that on my older laptop and had no issue since.

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@deviltaz35: You have to be careful upgrading. I noticed one of the Windows updates broke a game I bought from GOG. It was Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare.

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@Jinzo_111887: I haven't so far come across any issues with games other than caused by certain drivers.

I don't have that game on PC though. I tried it on Xbox ages ago and hated it. The movement was just terrible and I hated the camera.

Avatar image for deviltaz35

@mjc0961: What on earth are you talking about it is fully released. It is not in beta form . Though i do belong to the preview program so i can report bugs or suggestions easier.

It is a very stable operating system to begin with though. Far better than what has come before it.

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@mjc0961: Hell I haven't booted to 10 in at least 4 months. I went back to 7 until they fixed it, since I used my 8,1 hard drive to upgrade to 10.