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You Haven't Discovered All of Destiny's Secrets Yet, Bungie Says

"Oryx still has more tricks secreted away up his sleeves and aboard his fortress."


Destiny's Taken King expansion has been out for more than a week now, and some fireteams have slayed its newest enemy, Oryx, and reached the new level cap. So what's left to do in the game?

"Plenty," according to Bungie. The Taken King is just one part of Destiny's "Year Two" content, the developer said as part of its latest Bungie Weekly Update. You might have killed Oryx, but even in death he is not fully defeated. "Oryx still has more tricks secreted away up his sleeves and aboard his fortress," Bungie said.

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Bungie teased that there will be more rewards to earn that the developer has not yet announced. Some of these secrets, however, were discovered earlier this week, Bungie said, perhaps referencing this hidden quest and the exotic sniper rifle reward it delivers.

"We could illuminate the path for you, but that would be too easy," the developer said about the game's other secrets. "Rather, we prefer for you to emerge as the heroes in your living, social world. We just built the place. You're the legends.You want to know what riches abound in your realm? Fan out and find each other on the Internet. If there is one thing this community is good at, it's kicking off a gold rush."

In addition to new secrets already in the game that players have not discovered yet, it's possible that Bungie will support Destiny with additional traditional expansions. Destiny Year One saw the release of The Dark Below and House of Wolves expansions, while Bungie's tease that "Destiny Year Two has more in store for you than The Taken King" certainly suggests that more content is on the way in some form or another.

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