You Have To See This American Girl Xbox Set, Doll Not Required

This set has everything you could ask for in a comprehensive Xbox package, including a real Xbox Game Pass code.


American Girl has released a very cool Xbox gaming set with miniature replicas of the Xbox Series X with various accessories.

The set has pretty much everything you could think of for an Xbox gaming set. The Xbox Series X even has a spot to insert pretend game discs, including the faux Ori and the Will of the Wisps disc that the set comes with. If you insert the game disc and press the console's power button, it makes a sound effect. An American Girl Camp Quest faux game case and disc are included too.

Everything a real gamer needs
Everything a real gamer needs

As for faux Xbox accessories, there is a black wireless headset that matches the Series X and also fits on a doll's head. Additionally, two controllers are included, with one that has an attachment bracket for the mimic cell phone that has three interchangeable screens for mobile cloud gaming.

There are also two Xbox Game Pass cards, a miniature one as well as a real 30-day Xbox Game Pass Ultimate code for an adult to redeem. Other miscellaneous objects in the set are a faux blue fuzzy chair, water bottle, candy box, spinner toy, and sticker sheet.

The American Girl Xbox Gaming Set costs $60, but you also have the option to pay in four installments of $15. Back in 2018, Microsoft had a similar American Girl set for Xbox One S.

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