You Have Probably Never Seen This Tomb Raider Video

A glimpse into game marketing's past.


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Here's something pretty cool. As part of its PAX East announcements, Crystal Dynamics shared a promotional video for Tomb Raider III that was, before now, only shown during the game's launch party at the Natural History Museum in London in 1998.

It's titled "The Trilogy," and it had been lost until producer Janey de Nordwall found the original digibeta tape recently, apparently. The video was produced by Silver Films and is a good mix of silly and serious. In it, two detectives interrogate a gamer, who explains why Lara Croft is so important to him.

In other Tomb Raider news from PAX, Crystal Dynamics has announced that it's releasing an album featuring new versions of songs from the first three games, composed by original writer Nathan McCree. Additionally, a "20 Years of Tomb Raider" book is coming out, featuring never-before-seen images, as well as interviews with developers at original studio Core Design and more.

During a panel yesterday, McCree also talked about how the success of Tomb Raider "ruined" Core.

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