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You Can Upgrade Your Steam Deck Or ROG Ally's Internal Storage To 1TB For Only $70 Right Now

Amazon has a great deal on the 1TB Corsair MP600 Mini.


Expanding the storage capacity on your devices, especially if you wanted an SSD, used to be an expensive endeavor, but over the last few years, prices have come down dramatically. If you're a Steam Deck owner who doesn't have the 1TB OLED model or an Asus ROG Ally owner--both models of the ROG Ally come with 512GB--you'll want to check out Amazon's current deal on the Corsair MP600 Mini NVMe SSD. For just $70, you can get a 1TB SSD that's fully compatible with either handheld.

Don't worry, the MP600 Mini is much smaller than this.
Don't worry, the MP600 Mini is much smaller than this.

With a list price of $110, this MP600 Mini deal is pretty great. Before this offer, $85 was a really solid price. For owners of the 64GB Steam Deck, this will be a massive upgrade, enough to store not only plenty of indie games but also a bunch of those big AAA releases that rapidly eat away at storage space.

It's a relatively simple process, as you can simply insert the drive into the open M.2 2230 slot. Owners of the 256GB and 512GB Steam Decks can also take advantage of this expansion, although it's worth noting that this will require you to remove the storage drive that's already installed on the system. You'll also have to install SteamOS on the new drive. But for extra space ahead of Q4's upcoming list of big-name games? It's worth considering.

If you're upgrading your ROG Ally from 512GB to 1TB--which will double your storage space--you'll want to reinstall Windows. Luckily, Asus has a walkthrough for upgrading your SSD that should come in handy if you've never done this type of upgrade before.

Speaking of the ROG Ally, if you've been considering picking up Asus' handheld gaming PC, now's a pretty great time to buy one at Best Buy. The base model ROG Ally is on sale for $400 (was $600), while the "Extreme" iteration is 100 bucks off at $600. These prices match the lowest yet for the handheld.

This SSD is also compatible with Microsoft Surface and other ultra-thin devices, so if you've been looking to enhance those machines, this is an affordable upgrade.

Keep in mind you can also upgrade your storage on both the Steam Deck and ROG Ally with microSD cards. Over at Amazon, you can grab a high-end 256GB Samsung microSD card for $18 and a 512GB for $57. If you prefer SanDisk, you can get a high-end 256GB card for around $27 and a 512GB card for roughly $44..

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