You Can Try Star Wars: The Old Republic Expansions For Free Right Now

Play the classic game on Xbox One, and then hop into the MMO's expansion for free.

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Now Playing: GS News Update: Xbox One's First Original Xbox Backwards Compatible Games Arrive Tomorrow

It's a pretty good week if you're a fan of Star Wars games. The classic RPG Knights of the Old Republic becomes backwards compatible on Xbox One tomorrow, and to celebrate, you can check out a couple of the expansions for the PC MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic for free.

Anyone with an active SWTOR account can play the Rise of the Hutt Cartel and Shadow of Revan expansions for free right now until November 6. All you have to do is go to this site and enter the code "Revanreturns" to get access.

The core game extends from level 1-50, Rise of the Hutt Cartel covers level 51-55, and Shadow of Revan is level 56-60. Since the main game is already free-to-play, this means that you can try out the game up to level 60 for no cost.

In addition, you can get a special Swoop Bike for use in The Old Republic that's themed after KOTOR. You can redeem it using code "Kotorspeeder" at the same website; the code expires on November 6.

KOTOR is among the first original Xbox games to be made backwards compatible on Xbox One. You can buy it through the Xbox Store, or, if you still have a physical copy lying around somewhere, you can put it in your Xbox One to unlock it. You can read about the other original Xbox games that are backwards compatible here.

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Aaah Kotor...

Avatar image for off3nc3

Let it die already...

Avatar image for Mogan

@off3nc3: KotOR's been dead a while. SWTOR is still doing alright.

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

@off3nc3: Its still around cause it has a lot of players who go back for the story. Its the only good story telling at bioware right now with decision making & its the only MMO I consistently return to. If SWTOR dies then so does the old republic cause EA isn't going to make a decent KOTOR 3 they'd rather make a "game as service" with loot boxes.

Avatar image for infiniin

@gamingdevil800: SoR was the last expansion for story I admired the most, KotFE was a decent take, but KotET in my mind is probably the worst story expasion.

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It's free to own, not free to try. Read the blog post again, Alex Newhouse. November 6th is just the last day that you redeem the code to gain permanent access to the expansions. Nowhere does it say free to try. Do better research next time.

Avatar image for barbarossa213

@purewitz: Thanks for this. I haven't played in a long time, (and my backlog is still too dense to get restarted anytime soon), and I was about to just pass this up thinking it was a month long trial thingy instead of being permanently tied to the account. Thanks again!

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@purewitz: Oh sweet!! Thanks man, I'm creating an account now and grabbing them. I'm not gonna jump into SWTOR anytime soon but I'm planning to so might just as well get the expansions for free so long.

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@purewitz: Nowhere is one word. Do better spelling next time.

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@gaminsincepong: Come now, no need to be a dick.

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@koospetoors: i agree. Sry. Woke up cranky this morning lol

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@gaminsincepong: Oh shame no problem! I understand that, its not the most delightful thing ever feeling like so haha. I hope your day has been good man!!

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@gaminsincepong: I fixed it. I was about to go to bed, when I typed the comment. Still no reason for poor spelling. lol.

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@purewitz: thank you. I feel much better lol.

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@purewitz: Thanks, I'm going to redeem it then.

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@jonatas: No problem.

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@purewitz: I too, thank you for pointing that out.