You Can Print A Papercraft Xbox Series X And Series S

You can make your own papercraft next-gen Xbox, either at full scale or 1/3 size.


Xbox Series X and Series S are coming on November 10. If you just can't wait to have a next-gen-like object in your home, Microsoft has released a DIY solution: scale-model papercraft.

You can find the pair of Xbox cutout models through the official Xbox site. Both offer a full-size and 1/3 scale model that you can print yourself, cut out, and put together. The models are all single-page with spots to fold and glue, so they won't fit on a single standard sheet of office paper. If you have access to a larger printer, or can print across a few pages and stick them together, you'll have a full-sized Xbox Series X or Series S made out of paper.

There are a few ways you can use your paper Xbox. You can put it on your vision board! You can fool your very gullible friends! Or you can just slide it into your entertainment center as a placeholder and to make sure it will comfortably fit.

Xbox Series X and Series S will cost $500 and $300, respectively. The Xbox Series S lacks a disc drive, but otherwise, Microsoft says the major difference between the two is resolution output. Both are also available with an installment plan through the All Access program, which is one way Microsoft is aiming to win on value. Preorders will begin on September 22. For more details check out our Xbox Series X and Series S preorder guide.

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