You Can Pretend Fortnite's Battles Are Real With The Game's First IRL Nerf Gun

Practice your floss dance to celebrate the victory of annoying your friends with Nerf's first Fortnite blaster.


The vast obsession with Epic Games' Fortnite long ago spilled into real life in the form of children everywhere frantically performing the floss dance. Soon, fans will be able to add reenacting their favorite Fortnite moments with foam darts, using the first Nerf blaster modeled after one of the weapons that appears in the game.

Nerf announced on Instagram that it'll soon sell a dart-flinging version of Fortnite's AR-L assault rifle. The orange and yellow toy gun has flip-up sights and a 10-dart magazine, according to Hasbro's website. It should also be pretty formidable in dart-based warfare, on account of it's motorized to shoot darts rapidly, like the in-game gun after which it's modeled.

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According to Hasbro's website, the AR-L will run players $50 when it's released on June 1, 2019. It'll be the first Fortnite-based Nerf blaster the company releases, which is the result of a partnership between Epic Games and Hasbro. No other guns have been announced yet, but presumably they'll eventually run at least some of the gamut of what's available in game, which includes pistols, sniper rifles, shotguns, and more.

Creating Nerf battles with friends isn't the only way fans can bring Fortnite competition into their regular lives. Hasbro also released a Fortnite-branded version of Monopoly at the start of October. Epic Games' Worldwide Creative Director Donald Mustard showed off the art for the game on Twitter back in September, and described it as "a unique spin on the classic game mashed up with last player standing Fortnite."

If you'd rather actually play the video game version of Fortnite, there's a lot going on right now with the game's Halloween-themed event. Check out our guides for tackling Fortnite's new challenges: finding all the Flaming Hoops, and speeding past Radar Signs.

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