You Can Play Wolfenstein, SimCity, and More Directly Through Twitter

Thousands of MS-DOS games preserved on the Internet Achive can be embedded in tweets.


The Internet Archive has more than 2,000 classic MS-DOS games preserved on its website, and it appears that every one of them can be embedded into a tweet so that they're playable right on Twitter.

It's unclear when this feature was added, but Wired has discovered that it not only works, but you can then embed tweets (as I've done below) so that these games are playable on other websites.

The selection of games is nothing to scoff at, either; there are 2,604 games available as of this writing, and many of them are classics: SimCity, Wolfenstein 3D, Prince of Persia, The Oregon Trail, Leisure Suit Larry, and Jazz Jackrabbit.

These games are presented just as they were when they were released. That includes the draconian DRM that a game called Stunt Driver included where you're presented with a "Course Quiz" that asks you to look up information in its paper manual. That's something that proved to be a problem for me when I loaned someone the manual as a kid and never got it back. Fortunately, as pointed out in the comments on the Internet Archive, that manual is now available online (PDF), and I can get back to playing after two-plus decades.

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