You Can Play Video Games in This High School Esports Class

I used to SKIP class to play video games.


If you were bored of drama or home economics class in high school, then maybe a class on esports would have been more interesting for you. That's what a high school in Norway is getting, and games like Dota 2, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are some of the subjects that might be taught in the class.

Garnes Vidaregaande Skule is the first high school in Norway to provide an esports course. It's offering the class as an elective, much like how most high schools offer optional courses for sports and arts. You can check out the promotional video for the Norwegian school's foray into esports above.

The class starts in August 2016. To decide which games are taught in the class, the school is holding a poll that will determine the two most popular choices among students. In an interview with Dota Blast, science department manager Petter Grahl Johnstad says regardless of the games chosen, there won't be any textbooks.

"We will offer our students coaches with in-depth knowledge in whatever game we offer," Johnstad says. "There will be a high degree of self-education when it comes to progressing your game, and the game room will be available during the day and evening time."

The gaming room he mentions "will offer 15 high-end gaming PCs." He says the class size will amount to 30 students, meaning half of them will be gaming, while the other half does physical work outs like reflex, general body strength, and endurance training.

Johnstad notes that students will have to think of each other as a team, as the class's focus will not only be on the game's mechanics, but also on teamwork and motivation.

"Understanding the game is one thing, but if the communication does not work within the team, if the players can't rely on each other, you practically have nothing in our opinion," he explained.

Johnstad says students have suggested games like Smite and Call of Duty, though those choices have not been very popular so far.

ESPN announced today it's launching a new division specifically for esports. Activision confirmed earlier this year that it had bought the business assets for MLG (Major League Gaming), stating its plans to create the "ESPN of esports."

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