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You Can Play Pac-Man on Google Maps

Turn your neighborhood into a playable Pac-Man level.

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Presumably meant to be an (early) April Fools' day joke, Google has made it possible to play Pac-Man using Google Maps.

As discovered by Offworld, pressing the Pac-Man icon in the lower-left corner of the screen while on Google Maps turns almost any area--be it the neighborhood you live in or the busiest streets in New York City--into a Pac-Man level. This comes complete with Pac-Man sound effects and a (very) limited amount of music.

The streets don't necessarily need to be particularly Pac-Man-like, and can include diagonal and curved roads much more complex than what you'd see in the game. The only restriction on where you can play is that there need to be enough roads to actually create a level.

It all works surprisingly well, so check it out for yourself here.

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