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You Can Play Pac-Man On Google Maps Again

Here's another chance to play.


April Fools' Day is tomorrow, so you can celebrate now by playing Pac-Man around your neighborhood on Google Maps.

Reviving the gag it's offered before, Google has enabled the ability to play Ms. Pac-Man using the streets in most areas on Google Maps. Provided there are enough roads in the area you're looking at, you can play a working version of the game, complete with ghosts, sound effects, and music.

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On the web version, Ms. Pac-Man is turned on by clicking a button in the bottom left; the arrow keys are then used to control your character. You can also play in the mobile app--you won't miss the option to turn it on--by swiping on the screen.

Either way, it can get a bit confusing with diagonals and strangely laid out streets, but it's still a fun distraction that works surprisingly well.

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