You Can Play Dark Souls Remastered Online Again On PC

The servers for Dark Souls Remastered are finally back online, but legacy versions of the game aren't so lucky.


Servers for the PC Dark Souls games were shut down earlier this year, and developer From Software remained silent for months about their return. Now, the servers for the PC version are finally back, but those for the original Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition will remain dead in the water.

Back in January, From Software took down the servers for the entire Dark Souls series after fans discovered an exploit that allows hackers to take control of an opponent's computer. However, it took Dark Souls streamer The Grim Sleeper demonstrating the exploit in action in order to finally spur From Software to fix it.

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Dark Souls Remastered was the last of the trilogy to enjoy restored multiplayer, as Dark Souls 2 and 3 were restored earlier this year, in reverse order. Recently, From Software announced that the original port of Dark Souls, Prepare to Die Edition, will not be restored, due to "an aging system." While that edition of the game is beloved by certain fans, warts and all, it's arguably one of the most-maligned PC ports ever, due to its lack of support for modern resolutions and frame rate cap of 30fps. Fanmade mod "DSfix" corrected many of that version's shortcomings, but it seems that the famous invasions of the past will remain sealed.

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