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You Can Pet The Heavily Armed Robodog In Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042's Ranger is a good boy. Just don't be too close when it self-destructs.


Battlefield 2042 includes a nice little Easter Egg that players have discovered, and it involves the game's lovable (and deadly) robotic "dog," the Ranger.

Rangers can be called in by players over the course of the match, roaming the battlefield firing at enemies and serving as personal bodyguards. Even though there is no button prompt to do so, players have discovered that getting close to a Ranger and holding the interact button will show you a special animation in which your character kneels down to give the lovable robot a pat on its cute, camera-lens head. You can check the Easter Egg below via a video shared by the official Battlefield Twitter account.

It's a nice little interaction that serves as a direct in-game reference to a piece of Battlefield 2042 concept art showing one of the game's specialists, Angel, petting a wounded Ranger. The animation just might inspire you to run out and pet every Ranger you see while playing Battlefield 2042's multiplayer, but perhaps it's for the best if you don't stay too close for too long. As pointed out by FPS YouTuber Jackfrags, you can actually give the Ranger commands, including commanding the Ranger to follow, go to a certain location, or even to self-destruct.

Even though the Ranger isn't all that large, the resulting self-destruct explosion is quite big and can definitely kill you in close quarters. So don't let the Ranger's cuteness fool you; it's a killing machine, in case the big ol' machine gun mounted on the Ranger's back wasn't a dead-giveaway.

Battlefield 2042 has received numerous updates following its rocky early access launch, and more changes are on the way. In addition to various bug fixes, the game has also received UI improvements, adjustments to weapon recoil, vehicle nerfs, and new additions to Battlefield Portal.

EA has big plans in store for Battlefield, recently announcing that Respawn founder Vince Zampella will oversee the future of the franchise while Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto is forming a new studio to expand the story and characters of the Battlefield universe.

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