You Can Now Watch a Fish Play Pokemon on Twitch

Grayson the fish is already more productive than Magikarp.


Recently, the popular Twitch Plays Pokemon stream defeated its final opponent in Pokemon X. The stream, which took commands in the Twitch chat and translated them into movements onscreen, beat every single generation of Pokemon game. However, this isn't the last we've seen of interesting ways to play Pokemon.

Now, you can watch a fish make his way through a Pokemon game. An actual, real-world fish named Grayson is playing Pokemon Red, and the fish's owners are streaming the process for the public to watch.

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Fish Plays Pokemon takes the fish's motions in a tank and turns it into commands in-game. This, as to be expected, is pretty unproductive, and the fish is making very little progress. Occasionally, the fish stops moving for some time. The owners, however, promise on the Twitch channel, "No, the fish is not dead. He just sleeps sometimes."

Even though progress is slow, Grayson has managed to catch a Pokemon.

This stream was a project for an event for HackNY, an organization that mentors people in computer science. If I had to guess, this is one of the stranger projects that's come out of the program.

Who, or what, do you want to see take on Pokemon next? Let us know in the comments.

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