You can now video chat while playing games on Xbox One

Skype finally adds support for the system's Snap feature.

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Joining the other features introduced in the latest Xbox One system update, Microsoft announced today that Snap support has been added to Skype.

The system's Snap feature--which allows an app to be brought up on the right side of the screen while the remainder of the screen is used to continue playing games, watching movies, or whatever else--was of limited use with Skype before now. The only way to snap anything with Skype was by leaving Skype in the middle of the screen, something that was of very limited use.

Thanks to this new update, though, the Xbox One can now realize one of the features Microsoft used to promote it prior to launch: Namely, the ability to play a game or watch a movie with a Skype video chat window on the side of the screen.

This feature is of use even to those who don't video chat using Skype; snapping the app allows easy access to options while on an audio call, like inviting more users, turning your microphone off, and hanging up.

Is this a feature you've been forward to having access to? Let us know in the comments below.

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