You Can Now Play Final Fantasy XIII on Your Phone in Japanese

Square Enix now lets you stream the full JRPG to your phone.


Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy XIII streaming on iOS
Final Fantasy XIII streaming on iOS

It may not be the most highly regarded game in the series, but Final Fantasy XIII can now be played on smartphones, albeit in Japanese.

Square Enix today made good on its previous promise to deliver a cloud-powered version of FFXIII to both iOS and Android devices in Japan. It is technically possible to play the game outside of Japan if you have a Japanese iTunes account, but with the servers being based there, streaming can reportedly be quite rough. A 3 Mbps connection is recommended.

However, you don't have anything to lose by trying it--a free trial is available for the first 30 minutes, and only after that are you asked to buy the full game, which runs 2,000 yen (just under $17 USD).

GameSpot has contacted Square Enix to find out if this is something that could see release in North America and will report back with any details we receive. The JRPG, originally released for PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2010, launched on PCs last fall.

The screenshot above gives you a look at the interface used for playing the game on a touchscreen. You can check out a few more images from the game's iOS App Store listing below.

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