You Can Now Play A Competitive Version Of Wordle

Challenge your friends and family to a nine-day wordplay competition with Wordle Golf.


Do you still have an active Wordle group chat, but find the thrill of beating your friends/family/coworkers in one-off puzzles isn't quite enough? The New York Times has just introduced Wordle Golf, a competitive ruleset for Wordle inspired by golf, where a group can compete over nine days to crown a definitive Wordle master.

Instead of assigning higher scores to earlier guesses, this competitive take on Wordle has been based on golf, where your goal is to get as few points as possible. The NYT points out that Wordle is a little easier than actual golf--especially when it comes to a "hole-in-one," which in golf is a 12,500-to-one chance, while your chance of guessing the Wordle straight away is only a few thousand to one.

To play Wordle Golf, you'll need to get a group together who all agree to play Wordle for nine consecutive days. Then, all you need to do is tally your scores from each day, with the winner being the person with the lowest score at the end. Your daily score is based off the number of guesses taken to complete the puzzle, with extra penalties for missing a day or spoiling the answer.

Much like actual golf, you'll have to keep track of your own scores--the NYT provides a handy downloadable spreadsheet for that purpose, or you can just jot it down manually.

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