You Can Now Interact With PS4's Social Features From A Web Browser

Keep in touch with your PS4 friends.


This week, Sony released a new platform for engaging with the social features on PS4. Called My PlayStation, it allows you to view, manage, and message your friends and see your Trophies.

My PlayStation is now accessible on PC, phones, and tablets through a web browser, and it essentially looks like a streamlined version of your PS4 profile. From it, you can access your friends list, message your friends, and accept requests. You can also edit your profile and view the Trophies you've earned. You can also check whether or not your friends are online and what they're playing.

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There've been ways to access aspects of your profile from a computer or phone before, but My PlayStation is meant to streamline and consolidate it. To get to My PlayStation, go to this website and sign in with your profile.

Sony stated in a blog post that it would also continue to add features, although it didn't give any specifics. Who knows--maybe one day you'll be able to join a PS4 party from your phone while you're away from your console, or even change your PSN ID. After all, recent reports suggest that, in the near future, Sony may allow PSN ID changes at last.

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