You Can Now Import Some Steam Games to GOG

"Why buy the games more than once?"


The Witcher company CD Projekt today announced a new feature for its GOG games platform that lets you import some Steam PC games to the service. It's called GOG Connect, and in a press release, CD Projekt said the feature is based on this premise: "Why buy the games more than once?"

As you might have guessed, this doesn't work across the board. Right now, there are more than 20 games that you can import from Steam to GOG (there are more than 6,000 games on Steam), though some big names are in the launch group.

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Some of these include:

You can see the full lineup of GOG Connect games right here.

The GOG Connect feature is here to stay, CD Projekt said, but the games in the program will come and go. They are described as "limited-time offers made possible by participating developers and publishers."

To link your Steam and GOG libraries, you need to sign in to an active Steam account at this page. After that, you should be able to import the eligible games.

Some things to note include that you can only connect one Steam account to your GOG library--and this is permanent. For more on GOG Connect, check out this FAQ.

To celebrate the launch of GOG Connect, the platform is holding a sale on what the site calls "amazing games." You can get The Witness for $34, Saints Row The Third for $3.76, and System Shock 2 for only $2.50. Head here to see all the deals. The promo ends on June 6.

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