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You Can Now Have Resident Evil's Leon Fight Goku In Tekken 8

It's possible via the game's extensive customization options.


Bandai Namco's latest fight game, Tekken 8, has been out for less than a week, and fans are loving the character customizations. So far, they've been able to create various characters from all sorts of franchises.

Thanks to TikTok user @ spectrexgaming, we now have a good idea of how creative people are getting with the customizations. In a series of TikTok videos, they created outfits inspired by Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen, Luffy from One Piece, Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 4, and many more.

TikTok isn't the only place where fans have been sharing their creations. If you look up "Tekken 8 character customization" on X/Twitter, you'll find various people posting similar sentiments. One user, GameSpot's own Ben Janca, wrote, "The Tekken 8 character customization options keep surprising me. I am having so much fun with it!" Another user wrote, "The Tekken 8 character customization is wild because you’ll hop into ranked to fight a ridiculous recreation of a person/character, but they’ll still be staring at you like this."

Be sure to read our Tekken 8 review, where Jason Fanelli wrote: "Eight years after its predecessor originally launched in arcades, Tekken 8 has arrived, and it has brought the heat to match the long wait. The Heat System is an exciting addition to the fighting mechanics earmarked by flashy moves and multiple ways to use them."

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