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You Can Now Get Arma 3 DLC And New Game Argo For Free

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If you've been looking for a reason to try out or return to the Arma series, now's a great time: developer Bohemia Interactive has released a DLC pack for Arma 3 alongside its new game Argo, a multiplayer spinoff from the Arma series. And the best part is that both are free.

Argo began as a total conversion mod for Arma 3 and has since transformed significantly within Bohemia's Incubator development program. It's a first-person shooter that features three five vs. five modes and a ten-player cooperative mode called Combat Patrol.

Argo is free on Steam now and doesn't have microtransactions. However, players can support the developer by buying a Supporter's Pack for $10/£7, which contains exclusive animations and clothing items.

Arma 3, meanwhile, is getting the Malden DLC pack, which features a remaster of the Malden map that appeared in the first Arma game. It's the same island map that Argo uses. Arma 3 players also get access to the Combat Patrol mode, as well. The DLC is free, and the base game is on sale right now for $13.59 on Steam.

You can see some screenshots from Argo below and check out its launch trailer above. Argo is available through Steam here.

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