You Can Now Change Your PSN Name On PS4 At Last


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Update: PSN ID changes are now live in every territory--North America, Europe, and Australia--for all PS4 users. If you're not sure how to get started, we've got a walkthrough on how to change your PSN name. Be cautioned, though, Sony has warned that some games have issues after changing your ID. The problems range from mild to severe, so be sure to check if any of your favorites may be impacted before you commit to the change. Fortunately, some major games--including Fortnite and Destiny 2--have been tested and should be problem-free. Original story follows.

Sony has confirmed the much-requested PSN name change feature will arrive very soon for PS4 users. Players in North America can change their IDs from today, April 10, while those in Europe can do so from tomorrow, April 11.

"We're excited to announce that the online ID change feature on PSN is officially launching to all PlayStation 4 owners later today," Sony's social media director, Sid Shuman, stated on the PlayStation Blog. "You'll also be able to change your online ID via a web browser, and that feature will also be available starting today."

Shuman goes on to state that ID changes can only be done through a web browser or your PS4--so PS3 and PS Vita users are out of luck. As was previously confirmed, the first change is free, but any subsequent changes to your PSN ID will cost $10 / £8, or $5 / £4 for PS Plus subscribers.

There are no limits on how many times you can change your ID, and you can always revert back to any previous version of your ID for free by contacting PlayStation support. Nobody else can take your old IDs, even after you change, and if you choose to you can display your old ID next to your new one on your profile for up to 30 days, in order to help your friends notice the change. Child accounts cannot change their online ID, Sony says.

Sony warns not all PS4 games will support ID changes: any title published on or after April 1, 2018 should display your new ID in-game, but the platform holder has discovered one instance "where a [recent] game did not fully support the feature." A full list of games that support PSN ID changes can be found on the PlayStation website, showing that many hundreds of titles fully support name changes, while a handful of games have "critical issues" and a few more have "known issues which we did not consider critical to the gameplay experience."

It's been a long time coming for PSN name changes. In December 2017, PlayStation boss Shawn Layden said he hoped the name change feature would be available by sometime in 2018, but that didn't happen. Layden apologised to fans in a Twitter post today.

The ability to change names has been available on Xbox Live for years now. Just like Sony, Microsoft offers the first name change for free but charges for subsequent changes.

PS4 users might also be interested in April 2019's PS Plus games, The Surge and Conan Exiles. Both titles are available at no extra cost for PS Plus subscribers right now, but they'll go back to their original price at the end of the month.

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Avatar image for Sevenizz

Lol, what year is this?

Avatar image for ProjektInsanity

Okay, I’m a Sony fan. I’ve owned exclusively Sony consoles since the PS1. That said, this is kind of a sh*tshow, Sony. It took you this long to implement a NAME change, FFS! And then it only half works. Exactly how bad is your code?

I foresaw all of this so I just took the hit and made a new ID with the PS4 (after trying literally close to 150 names that were all taken). Get it together.

Thankfully your games are quality, which is what matters most, but this is still embarrassing.

Avatar image for johnny0779

So the name tag change has far more consequences than benefits, and on top of that you cant have spaces in those tags as you could on Xbox?

How is it that Microsoft was able to do this so easily while 15 years later Sony can't crack it without so many issues?

Mediocre Name Tag features Awaits!

Avatar image for sleepnsurf

It took them this long to do something so simple. Get with it.

Avatar image for M_T_Mabowels

@sleepnsurf: If it were that simple, they could have asked YOU to do it. You are obviously an expert on the matter.

Avatar image for nintendians

still like my name.

Avatar image for scatterbrain007

Kind of janky (this kind of crap always is when it really shouldn't be) but at least they sort of came through. I'll keep my Mexicutioner ID, but I hope they'll work the bugs out at some point.

Avatar image for killerz

Don't care anymore. My country is part of the EU and still not listed in the PSN country list. It's obvious they don't want my money. I own PS, PS2, and PS3. Didn't buy PS4.

Avatar image for i_p_daily

Welcome to last gen Sony lol.

Avatar image for cocowawa_tog

what about PS2?!

Avatar image for Abdulrahman1981

Players wanting to change their ID had to wait till end of PlayStation 4 cycle to be able to do so.

Avatar image for KiriharaZro

Now all those kids during the PS3 era can change the ridiculous name they chose

Avatar image for tarheelsforever

how many players will create new usernames without "420" in them? :)

Avatar image for Slinqy

Finally! Thank God!

Avatar image for tsunami2311

I have no interest such function. Sony Give me the ability to disable the bar light!

Avatar image for gameroutlawzz

I just wish they would allow us to hide/display game trophies or at least shuffle them in the order we want.

Avatar image for gotrekfabian

@gameroutlawzz: It is possible to hide a complete games trophy list if you want to.

Avatar image for tma_hayabusa

@gotrekfabian: How do you do that?

Avatar image for gotrekfabian

@tma_hayabusa: Go to your profile, select the games tab and then hover over one of the games, press options button, select hidden games and then choose which ones you'd like to hide.

Avatar image for barcaazul

It will be interesting to see how many people change.

I'm fine with the one I have

Avatar image for bdrtfm

About time. Can't wait for the 10,000,000 messages saying the name is already in use. Unless of course you choose a name like "TEG45__89754"

Avatar image for chubby170

Hmmnn, so Sony never gets rid of ID names, even if they are old? Isnt that going to make it that much harder to pick a name without it being used already?

Avatar image for bignoli

I think that is way more important to be able to change the country of your account than a username. I have an argentinian account and every new game is on 73 usd while other countries have that same game for 49usd. You would think that it would be the other way around considering that South american countries are way worst when it comes to cost of living, etc, but no.

I just mentioned this since I now relocated to Mexico due to my job and the price on PS4 games is exactly the ones people in usa are getting, which is cheaper.

Currently i cannot change the country and I don't want to create and make my master account a mexican one. This since i got too many games on the other one. Also my PS plus is tied to the argentinian one as well.

Sony please help this third world survivor to get fair prices, at the end is all digital and having different prices per country makes no sense at all.

Avatar image for bignoli

@bignoli: by the way... my new username will be Third world gamer hehe

Avatar image for Barighm
Barighm only really works with newer games but not older games? And it can cause stability issues even in the newer ones?

That's not really fixing the issue, Sony.

Avatar image for Pupchu

another irrefutable victory for Sony. microsoft may as well give up, and the xbox owners may as well throw their consoles in the trash

Avatar image for Celsius765

@Pupchu: dude Xbox owners have been able to do that since Xbox 360 I think.

Avatar image for pongman1975

@Pupchu: name change has been on xb for a while now. And its only 8$ Console wars are over. Most consoles are cheap enough to own both. I do. But I game with the Master Race PC so it makes no difference to me.

Avatar image for dagameplace

@pongman1975: I hope you’re joking. Each console is at least 200 dollars unless you want latest features then they go up. Each new game costs 60 dollars and controllers can sometimes cost more than the games itself. Not to mention many games require a monthly subscription... per console. Consoles are anything but cheap.

Avatar image for pongman1975

@dagameplace: 200$ versus $400 when they first came out. Ya I'd say thats cheap. I haven't paid 60 bucks for a game in a long while, unless its a AAA blockbuster. Controllers are 40$ at Walmart where I live.

Avatar image for dagameplace

@pongman1975: and in what city and state do you live?

Avatar image for pongman1975


Lake Guntersville, Alabama. You should visit. Good peaceful place

Avatar image for dagameplace

@pongman1975: I think you went a little off topic with the price for one controller. Sure it’s $45 (not exactly cheap), but the bigger picture here is it would be too expensive for most to be buying games, system and controllers for 2 platforms. But hey if you believe in spending money on 2 platforms and find it cheap, then by all means buy them. It’s not my money XD

So Lake Guntersville, Alabama. It does look nice from the photos, I’ll consider going. I’m from San Diego, California. Beautiful city. I invite you to come sometime.

Avatar image for Salt_AU

@pongman1975: Being thirty seven kilos overweight with a neckbeard whilst sitting in your darkened bedroom for hours on end does not constitute being a master race my friend.

Avatar image for pongman1975

@Salt_AU: I'm 43, have a GREAT wife, a GREAT job, and a BAD ASS PC. Get over it. I do however keep a neckbeard in the winter. Not everyone you're jealous of lives in "moms basement". PC MASTER RACE.

Avatar image for sladakrobot

@Pupchu: just curious about how your psn ID looks like

Avatar image for videogameninja

Video Game Boob here I come!


Avatar image for aross2004

@videogameninja: Taken! Please select a different boob related name.

Avatar image for olddadgamer

Ok, as it is clear that this comment section is going to be for making the following joke:

"Good, now I can change my name from [insert joke here]"

I expect all y'all to bring your A game jokewise.

Avatar image for pongman1975

@olddadgamer: AnthemGOTY. I got dibs on that one. XD

Avatar image for aross2004

@olddadgamer: Now I can change my name from Scooby Jew.

Avatar image for pongman1975

@aross2004: dude LOL

Avatar image for olddadgamer

@aross2004: Hang on, sorry, I was updating my PSN name. Was still "YoungSingleGamer."

****Ponders that****


Avatar image for aross2004

@olddadgamer: LOL!

Avatar image for videogameninja

@olddadgamer: Are we that predictable?



Avatar image for pongman1975

@videogameninja: lol. Good one.

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