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You Can Make Your Own Fashionable Pokemon Shirt, But It's Not Cheap

Pokemon and Original Stitch have partnered one some awesome custom shirt designs featuring any of the original 151 Pokemon.


If you're a fan of Pokemon and shirts, then by golly, do I have a story for you. The Pokemon Company and Original Stitch have come together to create a line of custom Pokemon designs that are available in a number of different types of shirts, including polos, button-ups, and Hawaiian shirts. Any of the first 251 Pokemon from Gen 1 and Gen 2 are available for customization, though supplies are limited, so you'll want to act fast if you want a specific Pokemon's design.

Original Stitch's designs are pretty awesome, though they're also quite expensive. The polo shirts start at $85 USD each, while all button-ups start at $100 with customization options like pockets and different collars costing extra. Shipping for a single shirt costs $15, though if you purchase a second, you'll get your order shipped free of charge. Since these are custom orders, the shirts are expected to ship in three to four weeks.

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Pokemon x Original Stitch shirts

Start at $85

Some of our favourite designs include the Koffing Hawaiian shirt, Beedrill polo, and Togepi button-up. Many of the designs are quite subtle, so you'll only notice they're made of Pokemon if you look closely. This makes them feel like they'd be great for most formal-casual occasions, while still letting you represent your favourite Pokemon. You can check out the full slate of designs at Original Stitch.

These shirts come just after the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield's first DLC expansion, the Isle of Armor, which adds a new story, area, and Pokemon. Our Isle of Armor review praised the new Wild Area and quality-of-life changes.

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