You Can Get This Free Sequel To A Classic Game On Steam Right Now

You can get the turn-based tactics game Field Of Glory 2 on Steam for free right now.


Everybody loves free games, especially when they're on a service that you already use. If you're a fan of turn-based tactics games, check out Field Of Glory 2, a sequel to the classic strategy series that's free to own on Steam. Described as a turn-based wargame in the old-school style, the game has received positive reviews. The Steam page suggests this deal will end June 8, and if you grab it now, you'll own it forever.

Field Of Glory 2 is the sequel to the 1993 original, which focused on the Napoleonic Wars. However, Field Of Glory 2 instead turns its attention to the age of Rome, specifically the empire's rise from 280 BC to 25 BC. The game's DLC (which is not included in the free giveaway) covers other eras of history. For example, Swifter Than Eagles turns the clock back to 2500 to 681 BC, aka the Bronze Age. Rise of Persia focuses on the last era of chariot warfare in 681 BC, and the fall of the Neo-Assyrian Empire.

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There's also the major follow-up titled Field Of Glory 2: Medieval. Focusing on 1040 AD to 1270 AD rather than the ancient milieu of its predecessor. It has its own array of DLCs that focus on that era, including those themed around Spain and Switzerland.

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