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You Can Get New Super Mario Odyssey Costumes Now On Switch

Take me out to the ballgame.


If you've been getting bored with the array of outfits and costumes in Super Mario Odyssey, today brings good news: Nintendo has added two new costumes to the game today. Specifically, a baseball uniform and the Satellaview costume are now available for purchase.

If you've ever thought that Mario needs to look a bit more like an athlete when sprinting and jumping around levels, the baseball uniform probably isn't what you're looking for. In any case, you can now make him look ready to take on America's national pastime. A pinstripe outfit and a batting helmet are now available; the uniform will cost you 3000 coins while the helmet costs 1500. Check them out (courtesy of Nintendo Everything):

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If baseball isn't your style, the Satellaview costume allows Mario to look like he's about to take a spacewalk (although without the necessary oxygen tank and pressurization system). Its somewhat ominous description states, "This outfit represents what the future used to look like." The helmet will run you 500, while the suit is 1000.

Both of these costumes were discovered by dataminers combing through Super Mario Odyssey's Balloon World update. They found references to a number of different costumes, indicating that more are on the way. These include an 8-bit Mario hat, a Santa outfit, and others. Nintendo has also previously released DLC costumes, such as another spacesuit and a parka outfit.

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