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You Can Finish The Fortnite Battle Pass Faster Than Ever With This Creative Mode Trick

You can get so much more XP from Fortnite's Creative mode this season.


If you're desperate to get your hands on Optimus Prime and aren't happy about the speed with which you're moving through Fortnite's Chapter 4 Season 3 battle pass, it may just be time for you to try something other than Battle Royale to get your XP fix. And no, I'm not talking about Save the World. I'm talking about Creative.

Before you scoff, listen to this: In all, you can earn around 10 levels per day grinding XP in Creative right now, if you know what to do, all thanks to some changes the mode has undergone recently. It won't necessarily happen quickly, but if you're out of quests to do in Battle Royale, or if you just don't want that stress, you should find some Creative maps to try--you should be able to easily level faster in Creative mode than in Battle Royale.

So here's the deal. Two very important things happened for Creative mode last season: Epic increased the daily XP cap to about five battle pass levels' worth of XP, and it introduced the Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN). Before the studio settled on this new cap, the amount of XP you could get from Creative each day was all over the place--some days you could pull 3 or 4 levels, and others just 1 or 2. It likely depended on how much time you were spending in Creative overall--the more XP you got from Creative, the more the game may have been throttling it over time. But now it seems to pretty consistently allow you to get this set amount of XP each day, regardless of how often you play.

Meanwhile, when UEFN launched in March, it offered no way for creators to grant players XP. Epic, of course, wanted people to actually play the new UEFN maps, and so it hacked together a way to give players XP for time spent in UEFN maps. But you don't gain that XP as you play--some time after you end your session, maybe hours later, the game grants you the XP that it has tabulated for you--so don't worry if you don't see any gains while in a UEFN map. Every UEFN map works this way currently, and so they should all be equal in terms of your XP gains.

Because XP in UEFN comes from that sort of bootstrap method and doesn't live by the same rules as XP in Creative 1.0 maps, it has a separate cap. So you can get about five levels each day by playing 1.0 maps, and an additional five levels per day from UEFN maps. That's 10 levels a day, total, from Creative--that's so much more than was ever possible before. This will probably change once UEFN gets XP tools for creators, but for now, get that XP while it's hot.

Now, the caveat: This is not an extremely quick process. How fast you earn XP from 1.0 maps can vary based on how much XP the creators built in (protip: if a map is popular, then it almost certainly gives good XP), and in UEFN maps it will take several hours to reach those five levels. Fortunately for us, the AFK protection on UEFN XP isn't very sophisticated. You can load into a map, toss a rubber band on your controller sticks and let it run for a while if you want--come back, log out, and wait for the game to give you those levels.

It's a win/win--Epic gets its playtime numbers, and we get our battle pass cosmetics a little bit faster. Or a lot faster, really.

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