You Can Finally Pet The Cat In Elder Scrolls Online High Isle Expansion

You can finally pet the cat in Bethesda's MMO.


The Elder Scrolls Online's newest expansion, High Isle, is out now on PC, giving players a new region to explore and stuff to do. One new feature that went under the radar is the ability to pet the cat.

Following the launch of High Isle for PC on June 6, players quickly discovered that it's possible to pet the cat. Developer ZeniMax Online Studios put in some extra work for this feature, it seems, as the animation goes beyond simply petting the cat.

As you can see in the video below from the Can You Pet The Dog? Twitter account, the animation shows the player bending down, picking up the cat, cradling the cat, and finally petting the cat before the little creature quickly scrambles away like cats are known to do. The official ESO account re-shared the video and confirmed that cat-petting is now in ESO.

The High Isle expansions for ESO launched June 6 on PC and comes to console on June 21. In addition to a new area, the expansion adds a in-universe card game called Tales of Tribute, featuring The Lord of the Rings actor Billy Boyd.

In other ESO cat news, the developer recently added a new purchasable add-on, a familiar-looking feline named Catwell. This cat appears to be a feline version of the Elder Scrolls character Sir Cadwell.

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In other Bethesda news, the publisher recently shared more information about two of its biggest upcoming games, Redfall and Starfield, as part of the Xbox/Bethesda summer showcase.

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