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You Can Eat a Pancake of Kirby's Face at His Cafe in Japan

The Kirby Cafe in Osaka will have food and themed items for sale.


Earlier this month, we discovered that Nintendo's pink, ball-like mascot Kirby would be getting his very own cafe in Japan. Now, its official website has updated to show off what it will have on offer.

Some of the food that's going to be served includes pancakes that feature Kirby's face, seafood curry shaped like a star, and a Maxim Tomato soup cup. The food goes pretty far with its Kirby theme, with desserts, drinks, and even pasta sticking to it. You can take a look at the food items in the gallery below.

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Additionally, you can buy Kirby-themed merchandise such as mugs, neck pillows, and iPhone cases. Tote bags, acrylic muddlers, and art are also on sale. Check out the merchandise in the gallery at the bottom of the article, or see all of the Kirby Cafes' wares on its website.

There are three Kirby Cafes planned so far. The first one will be in Osaka and opens on August 5, while its Kirby merchandise shop opens two days earlier. Another cafe and shop combination will eventually make its way to Tokyo. The third location will open in Nagoya, but it'll only include the shop.

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