You Can Dress Up as Link and Ride Epona in Monster Hunter Stories

The new Monster Game features another Legend of Zelda crossover.


Nintendo usually provides a different version of its Nintendo Direct broadcasts for each region around the world, and today's was no different. Among the news shared in Japan's stream that was not in the one we saw in North America today was a segment on Monster Hunter Stories. In it, Nintendo reveals that it's collaborated with Capcom to provide Link's outfit and weapons in the game.

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There aren't many details yet, but the video (at the 18:51 mark, via NeoGAF) shows a few glimpses of the gear in the game. We first see him with a palico that's wearing Majora's Mask before strolling through a village, engaging in combat, and riding Epona.

Stories launches for 3DS in Japan on October 8, but a western release has not yet been confirmed. The game, which provides a friendlier and more story-centric take on Monster Hunter, is getting its own line of Amiibo figures. They're among the most detailed ones to date.

This wouldn't be the first Zelda crossover for Monster Hunter; DLC for 4 Ultimate included Link's outfit and weapons, while the just-released Generations got a Link outfit for palicoes in its first DLC.

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We'll have more details on Stories' Zelda crossover as we learn about it.

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