You Can Dress Like Okami's Wolf in Monster Hunter Generations

The new 3DS Monster Hunter game features an Amaterasu costume and weapon.


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate offered DLC that let you dress up you and your Felyne companions as characters from other video game series. This year's Monster Hunter Generations will continue that trend with an outfit inspired by Okami's wolf.

As shown in the trailer above, the costume lets you dress up like Amaterasu. We only see this worn by a Felyne character, but that doesn't mean it's reserved for your companions, as Generations has a mode that lets you play as a Felyne. You'll also be able to use Amaterasu's Glaive weapon.

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There's no word on how you'll obtain the outfit. Those in MH4U--including Mario, Sonic, Samus, Mega Man, and Chun Li--were distributed as free DLC, and that'll presumably be the case again here.

This crossover with Okami won't be the only one; Fire Emblem's Marth is also getting an armor set in the game.

Generations, known as Monster Hunter X in Japan, is due out for 3DS this summer in North America and Europe.

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