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You Can Buy Joker Movie Tickets Right Now

Joker is in theaters on October 4.


It's just over a week before you'll be able to see for yourself whether Joker lives up to the hype. Joaquin Phoenix takes on the role of the iconic Batman villain, and thus far, the movie has been met with nearly unanimous critical praise--and a score of 70 at Metacritic. Now you can secure your seats for opening weekend to make sure you don't miss out on what will surely be an interesting moment for comic book movie fans.

Tickets for the Joker movie, which releases October 4, are on sale now. Certain theaters will be offering screenings as early as the afternoon of October 3, for those that simply can't wait any longer to see exactly how this film plays out.

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In his Joker review, GameSpot's Michael Rougeau said of the film, "Joker succeeds, without equivocation, because it transforms the villain into the populist antihero we need him to be now. Joker wears its influences on its maroon sleeves, but it also carves its own gashes through the blood-soaked landscape of contemporary comic book movies, offering something that, despite teetering on the shoulders of 80 years of history, is wonderfully fresh, dangerously exciting, undeniably entertaining, and rock-solid in its artistry."

As you prepare to finally see Joker on October 4, make sure to check out GameSpot's coverage of the movie, from talking about the leaked script with director Todd Phillips to our look at the real origin of the most infamous villain in comics history.

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