You Can Buy Far Cry Primal's Preorder Bonus DLC for $7 Starting Tomorrow

Play as a mammoth and add a new weapon to your arsenal.


If you were interested in Far Cry Primal's preorder bonus DLC but waited until after launch to plunk down your money, now we know how much that decision may cost you: $7.

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The Wenja Pack--consisting of content offered for free to those who preordered Primal prior to its release in February or purchased the Collector's Edition--will start being sold tomorrow, March 22. $7 gets you all three DLC add-ons that comprise the pack.

That includes the Legend of the Mammoth pack where you play as a mammoth attempting to defend its herd in a series of missions Ubisoft estimates as lasting "up to 45 minutes." You'll also get a new weapon, the Blood Shasti Club wielded by Ull.

Finally, there are four "enhancement packs" that offer "early access to rare resources and unique customization options." These add a new look for your owl, a new style of sabretooth tiger and mammoth, and other perks that give you an edge early in the game.

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