You Can Buy An Xbox Series X For $300 At GameStop--Here's How

GameStop will have trade-in offers for Xbox Series X and Series S that could significantly reduce your out-of-pocket cost on November 10.


Two new consoles, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, launch next month, which is an exciting time for gamers, but also a somewhat stressful one, from a monetary perspective. Well, if you happen to have older consoles lying around, GameStop has trade-in offers that let you swap your PS4 and Xbox One for one of their newer brethren. For those looking to offload their soon-to-be-old systems, GameStop will give you bonus trade-in credit when you trade toward the preorder of the Xbox Series X or Series S.

GameStop announced the trade-in promotions in a recent email outlining the Xbox Series X. Depending on what you trade in, you can get up to $200 in credit toward your preorder of the Xbox Series X or Series S. The offer looks to be valid until November 30.

  • $200 -- Xbox One X, PS4 Pro
  • $175 -- Nintendo Switch, PS4 (1TB model)
  • $125 -- Nintendo Switch Lite, Xbox One S, PS4 (500GB model)
  • $100 -- Xbox One (500GB model)

So if you happen to have an Xbox One X or PS4 Pro that you're not planning on using soon, you can get the Series X for $300 or the Series S for $100.

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It's unclear how long this offer will be available. Considering the email says that you're trading toward the preorder of a next-gen console, one would assume that you'd be without a console from the time you preorder until the Series X launches on November 10. However, it's certainly possible this offer will be available on launch day--we'll know more once the promotion is live. If that's the case, though, you can put a deposit down toward your preorder (usually $50), and then trade your console in later to put a big dent in your remaining balance.

While we're still waiting on release date and pricing information for the PS5, it seems likely that this promotion (or a similar one) will also apply to Sony's next-gen console. GameStop will also offer multiple installment plans for the PS5 and Xbox Series X, which will be separate from the enticing Xbox All Access payment plan.

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