Yoshi's Full Name Is Not Yoshi, According to 1993 Nintendo Character Guide

An old Nintendo character guide reveals Yoshi's full-length name.

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Ask most people to name that green, egg-throwing, enemy-swallowing dinosaur from Mario games and they will tell you definitively that his name is Yoshi. Through many games, the dino has been referred to as Yoshi, and never anything else. But apparently, in a surprising revelation, "Yoshi" is nothing but a nickname.

Blake Harris, author of the book Console Wars about the corporate battle between Nintendo and Sega during the 1990s, unearthed the character's full name in a copy of the Nintendo character guide from 1993. According to the guide, Yoshi's full name is actually T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas. Unfortunately, what the T stands for is still unknown.

In addition to Yoshi's full name, the guide also reveals that Mario is not a traditional human but a person of a different species. The full paragraph states, "Yoshi, properly known as T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas, had been held captive in an egg until Mario (homo nintendonus) bopped along and rescued him. Instantly, the young dinosaur and the plumber became fast friends. Together, they set out to rescue Yoshi's dinosaur pals from the wickedness of Bowser."

Yoshi made his first appearance in Super Mario World, released in 1990. He appeared alongside Koopalings who received names based on musicians during localization for an American release.

There's no indication if we'll ever know what the T stands for, or if it means anything. What do you think it stands for? Let us know in the comments.

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