Yoshi Gets Bigger

Nintendo confirms that Yoshi's Story will be a 128 megabit game with even more enhancements.


Yoshi's Story

After news came down that Zelda 64 would weigh in at a hefty 256 megabits, the company has confirmed that Yoshi's Story is also getting bigger. The game will now clock in at 128 megabits, as big as Rare's Banjo-Kazooie. The space will no doubt be utilized to hold more levels, graphics, enemies, abilities, and maybe even voice. So far, the game reportedly has 6 worlds, with 24 (!) levels per world for a grand total of 144 levels!

Japanese gaming magazine the 64 Dream reports in an interview with Yoshio Hongo, a publicist for Nintendo Co. Ltd., says that Baby Mario will no longer be in the game. Yoshi's Story will hit Japanese shelves in November just before Shoshinkai.

Also revealed in the interview with the 64 Dream is that Banjo-Kazooie may be retitled Banjo's Adventure, and that there is a Rumble Pak version of Mario Kart 64. The Rumble Pak version of the game may not be released though, even in Japan, since the game is a best seller both there and here. Hongo-san says that the company is building Rumble Pak support into most of their future releases, including Yoshi's Story, Zelda 64, and F-Zero 64.

Thanks to the Unofficial Nintendo 64 Headquarters for help with this story.

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